It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?

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1952 affiche Sonsbeek

In terms of its organization and ambitions, sonsbeek '52 can largely be regarded as a repetition of the first, well-attended Sonsbeek exhibition. Again, a jury, appointed by the Dutch Circle of Sculptors (consisting of art experts and artists), chose the artists and artworks. Once more, there was a small pavilion made from reeds, designated for smaller sculptures. However, unlike the first sonsbeek, where over three-quarters of the work was made by Dutch artists, sonsbeek '52 paid more attention to the works of French Neo-classicist masters such as Auguste Rodin, Artistide Maillol, Charles Despiau, and Antoine Bourdelle. Furthermore, several contemporary and rather avant-garde, were also included, such as the Italian Marino Marini (Equestrian statue) and the Frenchman Jean Arp (Preadamitische tors). There was one work that could be seen as truly innovative: a mobile by the American Alexander Calder.

Amongst others the following artists presented work at sonsbeek ‘52: Antoine Bourdelle, Aristide Maillol, August Rodin, Ossip Zadkine, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Carel Visser, Constant Permeke, Marino Marini, Marcello Mascherini, Luciano Minguzzi, Jean Arp.

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