Schipbreukeling – Mathieu Charles

Laure Prouvost

In Melting into one another ho hot chaud it heating dip, sonsbeek underground exhibition space is completely transformed. Step by step, entering the basement at De Groen the space gradually fills with curtains, squid ink and tentacular elements that give life to an immersive installation at the crossroads between fiction and reality. Digging into her surrealistic scenario, Laure Prouvost continues her journey in sonsbeek, began in the Venice Biennale, into the subconscious of all of us through the folds of our ecosystem. Accompanied by the constant flow of the water and by the repetitions of tents and tentacles, step by step we metaphorically immerse ourselves in a liquid reality to investigate the origin of our planet and of ourselves. A film, projected directly on the liquid floor, is the central element around which the complex installation is structured. Like the head of the octopus the film gives life to all the tentacles spread across the space thus becoming sensory extensions of it.

The installation was originally commissioned by Kunsthalle Lissabon in 2020.

Laure Prouvost (b. 1867, Lieumeconu) lives and works. 

Here a long list of museums and institutions. A line, interesting things, a coma, a line, a list of residencies and prizes. A selection of solo projects including: an elastic arm hold in tight in Copenhagen, a Swallowing and Breathing in Eindhoven, a Smoking Mother in Copenhagen, a Melting Into Another in Lisbon, an Occupied Paradise in Aalst, Deep See Blue Surrounding You in Venice, Toulouse and Lille; a Waiting Room with objects in Minneapolis, a New Museum for Grand dad in Milano, A tearoom for grand ma in Derry, a karaoke room in Brussels, a new octopus ink vodka bar for Gregor in Rotterdam, A travel agency for an Uncle in Frankfurt, a lobby for love among the artists in the Hague and Luzern...  tea bags, and wet floors and tentaculees.

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