It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?


Antonio Jose Guzman (1971, Panama City) is an artist living and working between Amsterdam, Panama City, and Dakar. Guzman’s work explores issues of social justice, genetic research and study of the colonial history of textile, highlighting the positive role of migration, social transformation, and community engagement. Guzman is known for his installations and multidisciplinary works inspired by reflections on Diasporic Identities, storytelling, and cultural analysis. His projects allow us to cross different time zones, unexplored worlds and realms; bringing us into what Guzman calls “time travel perceptions.” Working through different media including installation, drawings, acrylics on paper, textile, video, documentaries, photography, soundscapes, music compositions, and performance, Guzman reinterprets postcolonial attitudes in our society. His research of memory and time, open us to conceptions in the thinking of communities, ancestry, social collectivism, identity and the individual. For Guzman is the relation with the environment surrounding us the first place to create productive transcultural networks between individuals.

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