It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?


Flavia Dzodan is a writer, media analyst and cultural critic based in Amsterdam. She is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Sandberg Instituut. Her research is focused on the politics of Artificial Intelligence and algorithms at the intersections of colonialism, race and gender. In her research Dzodan examines the ways that technology is created and deployed to reproduce historical patterns of social control. Her current research on “Beauty and the Machine” attempts to understand how cultural analytics would operate vis a vis semiotic codes, particularly in regards to teaching machines to identify highly subjective and culturally dependent ontologies. This current research is a continuation of her previous research about “the coloniality of the algorithm” that situated Linnaean taxonomies at the heart of both colonial history and our contemporary uses of technology. She is the editor of the blog “This Political Woman”, where she has written about the rise of the alt-right, Big Data, networks, algorithms and community surveillance. She has been published at Dissent Magazine, The Guardian and The Washington Post among others.

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