It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?


Andrea Hofmann, Axel Timm, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Christof Mayer, Florian Stirnemann, Francesco Apuzzo, Frauke Gerstenberg, Jan Liesegang, and Markus Bader.

Formed in response to the rapid and unrestrained development of Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Raumlabor—whose name translates to “space laboratory”—sees the architect as a negotiator who highlights social problems rather than solving them. Raumlabor is a collaborative practice of 20-30 practitioners with a core of nine long-term members whose work sits at the intersections of architecture, urbanism, public art, and activism; often proposing playful, temporary, or speculative urban prototypes aimed at transforming the built environment. Throughout their history, Raumlabor have been invited to take part in various International Building Exhibitions in Germany including the IBA Hamburg (2013) and IBA Thüringen (2018), many international perennial exhibitions including the Venice Biennale, Shanghai Biennale in 2012, Pulitzer Art Foundation in 2016, and the Chicago Biennale in 2019.

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