It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?


Susanne Khalil Yusef (1984, Germany) makes immersive colorful installations by combining dazzling murals, canvas paintings, tufted flying rugs, knitted canvases, ceramic sculptures, videos, assemblages, light boxes, performances, bronze sculptures, cars, public participation, police dogs, and self-created archives. Her installations often offer space for persons from different disciplines, such as spoken-word artists, writers, and an Arab Ensemble. She raises in her work critical questions about themes such as homeland and displacement, identity, and socio-geographic power relations. The stories in her work are closely related to her own biography - such as armed conflicts in her home country Palestine, migratory flows, autonomy, Orientalism, exile, and (post)colonial situations. Her work has been included in the collections of the Museum Arnhem and the Dutch Textile Museum in Tilburg. In addition to her practice as an artist, Yusef also organises exhibitions, the latest about post-colonialism and contemporary colonialism.

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