grinding slow // grinding still (Keti Koti)

What you want and what you will // Working for your dollar bill // Walking home, a youth gets killed // Police free to shoot at will // Nine to five you know the drill...

Slavernijmonument 'Clave', Alex da Silva, photo: Max Dereta
grinding slow // grinding still
On the occasion of 157 years of the Abolishment of Slavery
why Anton de Kom's 'We slaves of Suriname' never ceases to inspire
Anton de Kom's ‘We slaves of Suriname' (orig. 'Wij slaven van Suriname’) continues to be an inspiration from generation to generation. In this introduction to its reissue, activist and The Black Archives' Mitchell Esajas explains to us why.
su solo i playanan
Su solo i playanan (His sun and beaches) is a documentary film in which the various beaches of Curacao are of main interest. Curacao is an autonomous country in the Caribbean, which forms part of the kingdom of the Netherlands.
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