It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?

home office story by flavia dzodan

Flavia Dzodan is the first contributor to our series of Home Office stories. In this series, we invite guests to share what it means for them to work from home during this pandemic and its aftermath. How do they sustain themselves, do work, or relax? Flavia Dzodan offers insight into her home office and how labour and the domestic are informed through colonialism and reshaped through our contemporary use of technology.

Listen to what Flavia has to say:

"I'm Flavia Dzodan, and I'm your host for the evening. Are you relaxed? Are you listening with closed eyes? Or perhaps, you are indeed traveling somewhere and my voice is your company for a few minutes. Traveling from a to b, something we were able to do before we were locked down, but now we face restrictions. Perhaps it would be more apt to say that now the restrictions have been extended to everyone else because, let's face it: some people always faced traveling restrictions. Some people are never allowed to cross borders, to wander, to explore or just see the world. You need to have the correct passport for that. You need to be afforded those freedoms."

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