It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?


Quinsy Gario, photo by Victor Wennekes
Quinsy Gario, photo by Victor Wennekes

Black Salty Summer School is a radio project plus installation by Quinsy Gario & Family Connection, which together practice a form of associative thinking around four words/notions: black, salty, summer and school. Rooted in Black studies, Gario critically illuminates colonial relations. After the broadcasting of the first radio programme during the closing week of sonsbeek, Gario will start a conversation through an installation at WALTER books that reflects on ‘black’, ‘salty’, ‘summer’ and ‘school’ from different angles. Central to this is the questioning of what is seen as knowledge and what has been made (in)visible.

4 episodes of 1 hour. The first episode was broadcast live on Parasite Radio and is archived.

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