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sonsbeek20→24 app is out now!


Welcome to the realm of sonsbeek! In the run-up to the public opening of sonsbeek 20 →24, we are more than excited to announce that our app is officially launched!

Both Apple and Android users can now enjoy a nice walk through Arnhem and her surroundings, accompanied by our sonsbeek app. Do you happen to walk past the Silver Solarsystem in the sonsbeekpark? Using the app, you can now delve into the artwork, and discover the history of it in an interactive way.

The app will transform your commonplace walk in the present to an augmented reality, in which you will walk through the past of sonsbeek; the legacy in which for the past 80 years (11 editions) the people from Arnhem, communities, institutions and organizations have helped to establish.

The only thing you have to do is download the app, go on out to Arnhem (by foot of course), put on your location services and direct your camera towards one of the artworks found on your path. Look on your screen and be transported to an augmented sonsbeek-reality with rare archival images and voice-over introductions to the artworks that live in Arnhem, her parks and beyond.

This will only be the first phase of the app, which will transport you to the sonsbeek archives. Where the second phase will carry you away to, will stay a surprise for now…

Do you want to know how it works and wish to try it out yourself? Then go ahead and download it from the App store or Google Play now!


Ondernemersfonds Arnhem



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