It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?

Collectie DE.GROEN

Over the course of 100 days in 2021, sonsbeek20→24 takes over Collection DE.GROEN. Driven by an unbridled curiosity into the developments and shifts in art and society, we search for collaborations and connections with other parties, making this an important source and life force for Collection DE.GROEN. We understand this edition of sonsbeek as an excellent opportunity to move beyond the limitations of our own passion and vision on art. 100 days sonsbeek, doesn’t just challenge the visitor, but Collection DE.GROEN itself; provoking our personal and at times unconventional vision on visual art by showing new perspectives for our present- and future-practice.

About Collection DE.GROEN
To show, speak, and build connections; all our activities are centered around our private collection of contemporary visual art. This collection has a long history, but has concretely started to take shape from 2010 onwards. With it, we want to be a national player, and since June 2017, our building at de Weverstraat in Arnhem is open to the public. We make two Set-ups (collection presentations) a year, and organise four, freely accessible exhibitions a year on our ground floor. We develop a wide range of activities including: artist-talks, meetings, and debates.

Works by:

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