It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?


The iconic Stadsvilla Sonsbeek, also known as 'The White Villa' in Arnhem, is located on top of hartjesberg in Sonsbeek Park. The building was commissioned in 1744 by the van Bayen family who moved to Arnhem from Batavia (Dutch East Indies). Since 2000, the Stadsvilla has been permanently in use as a catering establishment; in the years before that, the building served as a museum, a gallery, a school, a hotel and a house.

Although the Stadsvilla has served as a backdrop to all editions of Sonsbeek, this is the first edition where we enter the building. sonsbeek20<-24 takes this opportunity to investigate the colonial past of the villa and the families who lived there, holding a mirror up to the colonial past that is interwoven with the history of the park and the city.

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