Schipbreukeling – Mathieu Charles

sonsbeek sunday service: Poetic Offering by S*an D. Henry-Smith


S*an D. Henry-Smith sonic and poetic offerings will draw from their 2020 poetry book, Wild Peach.

Wild Peach is a multisensory roaming of landscape and interior, often (but not always) in near stillness and varying light. The power to disrupt and obscure language is an essential tool in protecting this multimodal endeavor; in this project, poetry and photography warm the taste of memory, exploring nonlinear, non-narrative time through the sonic offerings of image and text—and the Outdoors, the interpersonal, and all offered onto. Black Secrecy demands and provides a spirit of collaboration, study, and play. Rest without guilt. Two steppin' in the parking lot. Screaming into the night sky. In the garden and the noise, what must be learned from the garble? We listen. The ocean is always just over your shoulder.

S*an D. Henry-Smith is an artist and writer working primarily in poetry, photography, and performance, engaging Black experimentalisms and collaborative practices. They have received awards and fellowships from the Fulbright Program, The Poetry Project, Poets House, Denniston Hill, Antenna/Paper Machine and elsewhere.

Location: Eusebius Church

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